Shutter Shades Matching your Face Type

Published: 12th June 2008
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Shutter shades are popular amongst both old and the young as they provide a charm to the personality thereby enhancing the overall appeal. Sporting eye gear from well known brands has become frenzy amongst the youth as it looks very charismatic. Replicas of these branded shutter shades are also available in affordable prices in the market.

Importance of shutter shades

Apart from being a fashion statement, shutter shades also protect the eyes from dust and harmful rays of the sun. They are integral to be used while sunbathing, swimming, driving and mountaineering as during these activities, the eyes are more susceptible to pollutants and the sun's harsh rays. Also, wearing shutter shades when working for tedious long hours on the computer is also necessary to prevent your eyes from any damage.

Types of shutter shades

Various types of shutter shades can be found in markets all over the world these days. If you are very trendy, then you may go for colored glasses and can experiment with the frames. These days, shutter shades that glow in dark are also available in the market. Shades worn by your favorite celebrity are also hit in the market.

Buying shutter shades according to face type

When you are planning to buy a new shutter shade for yourself, always ensure that it goes well with your face's shape. The shutter shades must be proportionate as per your face shape and in contrast with it.

• Round face

The frames you go for should make your face look thinner and longer. So, wider frames that have rectangular or angular styles are suitable.

• Square face

This face type has wide cheekbones, broad forehead and strong Jawline. So, the angles have to be reduced with curvy and soft styles. Frame suggestions for this face type are the round, oval or cat eyes.

• Diamond shape

Having narrow chin and forehead with wide and high cheekbones, this face type needs shutter shades that soften the face contour. So, square, oval or rimless glasses work well.

• Triangle shape

As the face shape has wide forehead and narrow jaw, softening of the lower face area is to be done by accenting eye area. Metal frames that have rimless bottoms and cat eyes are a good option to go by.

• Oblong face

Square and round shutter frames are advisable as they shorten and widen the face. In fact, frames that have long vertical and short horizontal lines works wonder to this face type.

• Oval face

This face type is free to experiment with any frame as all look great on it. Square shutter shades with round edges look ecstatic though.

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